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Solar PanelThe increase in global warming and climate change, as well as exceedingly high energy costs require new ways of thinking and smarter solutions. Renewable energy sources, such as wind & solar power, and state of the art building components which offer excellent thermal insulation, is the way forward to preserve our children’s future. In conjunction with Roto - the most innovative and important suppliers of roof windows, solar systems and photovoltaic conversion panels for roofs, The Shire Carpentry is fortunate enough to offer their leading edge range of products. For example, low-energy and sound-insulating roof windows, which are available in various standard sizes or can be manufactured to your exact specifications. The versatility of the Roto range sets no limitations to your ideas. Roto’s roof windows are available in various frame coloures and metal tones.

Additionally, Roto is offering optimal use of solar energy by means of roof-integrated flat solar systems for solar thermal heating and hot water support, and photovoltaic panels for efficient electricity generation.

The advantages are clear – highly efficient solar and photovoltaic modules combined harmoniously with roof windows create not only an aesthetic unit, but considerably reduce CO2 output and your energy bills.

For further information on roof windows, solar systems and photovoltaic panels use the following link: www.roto-frank.com

The decision in favour of roof windows and solar systems with Roto is one which you’ll never regret – continuing to add value to your property which will also become an outstanding example in the property market.