About me

German carpentry skills and craftsmanship have been passed down through the centuries, even to the style of clothing still worn by our carpenters. We are proud to be part of this ancient tradition and take great pride in all our work. This ranges from bespoke oak frames to eco-renovations, eco-loft conversions or even a completely new-built eco-home!

Projects can be carried out to your own design or we can provide a complete design and build service. We work together with architects who understand the principles of sustainable construction and can help with planning and coordination on larger projects.

Alternatively "The German Carpentry" can liaise with your architect, structural engineer, main contractor and / or affiliated expert. All projects are undertaken using modern CAD software to give you the best possible virtual impression of the prospective design, and ensuring fine-tuned planning and accuracy to guarantee that your project will be cost effective and run as smoothly as possible.

We offer the following services but if you have a particular requirement please get in touch to discuss it with us.

  • Eco-renovation
  • Eco-Loft Conversions
  • Eco-homes
  • Eco-floor insulation
  • German wintergardens and orangeries
  • Wooden floors
  • Natural insulation materials
  • Bespoke front porches
  • Verandas
  • Bespoke German double or triple-glazed hardwood windows and doors

  • Bespoke roof structures
  • Shingle roofing
  • Carports
  • Pergolas
  • Balconies
  • Summerhouses
  • Archways
  • Restoration work
  • Bespoke oakframes

materials and suppliers

For further information on the materials and suppliers we work with please follow the links below. "The German Carpentry" also works together with the "German Plumber" to cover all your plumbing needs.

www.germanplumber.com For all your plumbing needs from ground source heat exchange pumps to underfloor heating.
www.blum-schreinerei.de Our German manufacturer for double and triple glazed timber windows and doors as well as bespoke conservatories and orangeries.

www.roto-frank.co.uk Roto is the only supplier of solid oak roof windows. They also sell roof integrated solar panels and the largest roof window system on the market (2,6m x 1.7m).

www.fuhrberger.de Beautifully build German oak framed houses.
www.steico.com Excellent wood fibre insulation boards for many different uses.
www.climacell.de Cellulose fibre insulation (one of the best insulation materials on the market) made from recycled newspaper.

www.thermo-hanf.de Suppliers of natural hemp insulation.
www.aglaia.de Producers of purely mineral, lime and waterglass based natural paints.
www.kreidezeit.de Kreidezeit supplies natural paints and wood hardoils such as pure solid oils for wood flooring.
www.conluto.de Clay and earth building materials have been used for centuries. Conluto produces natural clay plasters, clay bricks, clay mortar and lots more.

A tradition passed on from the middle ages still continues to this day. As can be seen, upon successfully completing the carpentry apprenticeship, the carpenter is traditionally nailed through the ear to the workshop door or to a piece of timber by his Master who taught him during the last 3-years. The carpenter receives an earring from him which should traditionally be worn by every German carpenter.

Young craftsmen who have successfully completed their apprenticeship, and thus become Geselle, may choose to make the commitment to join the Wandergesellen (journeymen) and spend the following three or more years on the road learning from diverse masters in various regions and countries across the world and gaining wide-ranging experiences. Unfortunately, if the young craftsman fails to return home, the earring would pay for his funeral!